WebSocket client endpoint for araldo, a routing-based communication relay.

This client allows to send and receive messages to/from a WebSocket server.


pip install araldo-websocket

The plugin will be automatically available to araldo.

Plugin Configuration

Parameter Type Description
host str Host name or IP address of WebSocket server
port int TCP port of WebSocket server
websocket_url str URL at which server serves WebSocket
trace boolen Whether or not to log WebSocket traffic (low-level; only for debugging)
marshalling str araldo marshalling plugin

Sample Configuration

Plugin-specific Configuration block:

- name: websocket_01
  id: endpoint-websocketclient
  websocket_url: ws://localhost:8890/websocket/
  trace: False
  marshalling: marshal-raw


  • Currently there is no persistence of messages
  • Endpoints will automatically attempt to reconnect every second if the WebSocket server is down